Beware! Avoid These Four Things That Will Get Your Company Name Rejected

121 Company Formation provides access to a free company name search tool so you can conduct searches for the perfect name that suits your business and your brand to your heart’s content!

To make the process even more efficient though, here are 4 things that you want to avoid that will get your company name – and ultimately your company formation application – rejected by Companies House.

1. Similar Names

Company names are an important part of its brand and, in many cases, its value proposition and key points of differentiation. As such, company names are protected once registered with Companies House. 

If you select a company name that’s too similar to an existing company, our free company name search tool can help to identify whether the company is available, or if you need to continue your name search with a name that is more differentiated. 


2. Offensive Names

Your company name cannot include any offensive words or phrases. This net is cast wider than just swear words. A company name containing any terms that are deemed to be ‘potentially offensive’ will be rejected

A few examples of company names that were recently rejected include Robotdick Ltd, Dapper Stylish Bitch Ltd, Sugartits Ltd, Manwhore Limited. Potentially offensive? Yes, I think we get the idea.


3. Sensitive Words

Under the umbrella of “sensitive words” are any names that appear too closely associated with the Royal Family, the UK government, or other official UK associations or institutions. For example: 

  • Bank, Bank, or Banking
  • King, Queen, or Royal
  • British or Britain
  • Architect
  • Chemist, Druggist, Pharmacy

If you wish to register a company name that contains any of these types of sensitive words or terms, you must first secure permissions from the appropriate governing body, and subsequently provide that proof of authorisation to Companies House. 


4. Other Reasons

Companies House has also been known to reject company names that are too short or too long. 

So, there you have it! 

Use these guidelines as an initial framework when selecting a company name, then leverage our free company name search tool to confirm its availability, or to identify what other options may be available.


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