Filing An Annual Confirmation Statement – Why It’s An Absolute Must!

All limited companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) registered in the United Kingdom must file a confirmation statement with Companies House (the UK’s official registrar of companies) at least once every 12 months, even if the business is dormant.

So, What is a Confirmation Statement?

The purpose of the confirmation statement is to verify that important company data recorded at Companies House is accurate when filed, and remains valid.

Confirmation Statements verify such information as:

  • Your company’s registered office address
  • The company officers (i.e., directors or LLP members, company secretary, etc.)
  • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes (i.e., the classification of the company’s business)
  • The name of each shareholder
  • Shares held by each shareholder (class, quantity, and details of any transfers)

If your company’s details change throughout the course of the year, they should be reported to Companies House. 

Updates to some of your company’s details need to be reported to Companies House by filing a new Confirmation Statement, while others need to be filed via various Companies House forms.

The information you can update via a Confirmation Statement includes your company’s:

  • SIC codes
  • Shareholder details
  • Statement of capital
  • Trading status of shares

All other information, such as amendments to your company directors and the registered office, must be reported separately using the relevant Companies House forms. These forms can be filed before or at the same time as the Confirmation Statement filing.


How to File a Confirmation Statement

Confirmation statements can be filed with Companies House in one of three ways:

  1. By post using form CS01 (or form LL CS01 for LLPs)
  2. Online via WebFiling, OR
  3. Using the easy and convenient 121 Company Formation Confirmation Statement filing service

It is noteworthy that your company Directors bear the legal responsibility of ensuring that all statutory documents, including confirmation statements, are filed with Companies House by the necessary deadlines, even if these administrative tasks are delegated to a company secretary. 

In the case of an LLP, it is the responsibility of the designated members to file the annual confirmation statement.


Heavy Penalties!

A Confirmation Statement must be filed at least once a year, no later than 13 days after either:

  • the initial date (or anniversary of) when your company was registered, or
  • the ‘statement date’ of your previous confirmation statement

So, for example, if your company was registered on 1 January 2022 your annual Confirmation Statement would be due by 14 January 2023.

Although there is no financial penalty for late filing, your Confirmation Statement should always be filed in a timely manner. Failure to file a Confirmation Statement is a criminal offense and can result in:

  • Your company being struck off the register and dissolved with the company’s assets passed on to the Crown
  • Prosecution for your company officers (or LLP members)


Don’t Have Any Changes to Report?

If there are no changes to the company throughout the course of the year, a Confirmation Statement must still be filed to verify that your company details are correct. 


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