I Can Set Up My Own Company. 5 Reasons to Think Twice


As the name suggests, UK company formation agents specialize in registering companies in the United Kingdom with Companies House. New company formation encompasses registering:

  • Companies limited by shares
  • Companies limited by guarantee, and 
  • Limited liability partnerships (LLPs)

But wait, anyone can register a business directly with Companies House. So, why work with a company formation agent? 

Here are 5 reasons it may be advantageous to work with an expert:


1. Selecting the Company Structure 

Before registering your company, one of the first decisions that need to be made in selecting the right company structure. Should you register as a company limited by shares, limited by guarantee, or as a limited liability partnership?

Company formation agents can advise you on the optimal company structure for your business. Additionally, they can set up any of the three company structures using electronic submission software which enables them to file applications with Companies House in a matter of minutes, as opposed to the postal applications that are required for some company formation applications, if filed by you directly.


2. Avoiding Company Formation Fails

Like most legal applications and forms, company formation documents need to be completed and submitted accurately. The consequence of an inaccurately completed application or if sections are left incomplete? The application may be rejected and returned by Companies House. 

Leading company formation agents such as 121 Company Formation have a team of experts that meticulously checks each and every application before submission. This reduces the chances of applications being rejected. 


3. Efficiency and simplicity

Leading company formation agents such as 121 Company Formation have, not only the software that enables them to file applications directly (electronically) with Companies House, but expert teams that are well versed in what is required to make the process simple, efficient, and seamless for clients to incorporate their businesses. 

IN01 form completion? Paperwork and postal costs? Questions about your application? You need not worry about any of it when you work with a company formation expert!


4. Cost Efficiencies

Given all the advantages of working with a company formation agent, it is only to be expected that customers may be concerned about how costly it may be to employ the services of an agent. 

The good news is that company formation agents are a cost-effective option, far less than the opportunity cost of investing your own time to file an application directly. 

For example, 121 Company Formation’s services start as low as £15.95! Additionally, with bundled packages for both UK domiciled and international clients, we are able to offer additional services that applicants require before, during, and after the company registration process at price points that are particularly cost-efficient.


5. Supporting Services That Support Your Growth 

Company formation, while a huge step, is like the wedding day – it is only the beginning of what can be a long, prosperous (and profitable business) venture! 

What that also means is that from that day forth, there are many other administrative, financial, and legal considerations and requirements that you will need to adhere to. 

One of the major advantages of working with a company formation agent is the additional services that they are able to provide well beyond your company registration – your annual confirmation statement, share transfers, allotment of shares, or a UK-registered office address, to name a few.

121 Company Formation is proud to offer the most robust range of supporting services – a true one-stop-shop – to support your initial company formation, as well as a comprehensive range of tax and accounting services as your business continues to scale and grow. This includes services such as payroll and PAYE, VAT registration and filing, corporation tax computation, and small business accounting and bookkeeping.

So, if you’re looking for a true partner with which to start and share the exciting journey of your new business venture, you have found one in us.


About 121 Company Formation

121 Company Formation is one of the UK’s leading online company formation agents. We have helped over 50,000 entrepreneurs register a company in the UK. We offer the most comprehensive range of services including company formation packages that start at just £15.95, administrative, accounting, and bookkeeping services to support you and your business before, during, and after the incorporation process.

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