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The 2023 Small Business Must-Have Checklist

As we wave goodbye to 2022 and welcome all the possibilities of a new year, we wanted to provide a brief but informative blog about what the new 2023 era means for small business owners.  Here’s a succinct list of

The 121 Company Formation Difference – Why We’re the Company Formation Agent of Choice!

Are you looking to register a new business in the UK? There’s quite a bit of administrative work involved in the process of getting a new business registered with Companies House. Furthermore, there are legal requirements and paperwork that need

Salary or Dividends, Which is Better?

Salary or Dividends, Which is Better? When sole proprietors or partners form a limited company, it becomes a legal entity in the eyes of the law. This means that all finances legally belong to the business; directors cannot simply withdraw

Made an error on your tax return?

You may be able to claim overpayment relief! As official corporate tax accountants, we know firsthand how easily errors could potentially slip into a tax return filing. So, for our clients who are determined to manage their own tax returns,

Legal Requirement

4 Legal Requirements for Your Registered Company Every Year

4 Legal Requirements for Your Registered Company Every Year So, you’ve made it official and registered your company. Congratulations! Once you’ve made that step, there are legal obligations that you must meet every year to remain legally compliant. We don’t