Are you looking to register a new business in the UK?

There’s quite a bit of administrative work involved in the process of getting a new business registered with Companies House. Furthermore, there are legal requirements and paperwork that need to be renewed and filed on an annual basis. Fortunately, there is a plethora of company formation agents who can help out with the process of incorporating a UK company.

Company formation agents make the company registration process a more efficient and straightforward one while reducing the potential of filing errors that may lead to rejection. 

But with so many company formation agents offering a range of services at different price points, how do you go about selecting the right agent for you?

In this article, we’ll review just three of the reasons why you need to carefully weigh your options, and why 121 Company Formation has been the top choice of over 50,000 newly formed businesses.


Official Company Formation Agents

Companies House maintains a list of official company formation agents that have been vetted and who have the software needed to submit electronic incorporations. 121 Company Formation is one of the leading (official) company formation agents fully equipped with all the systems and resources to facilitate easy, convenient electronic filing of new company registrations (and a wide range of other supporting services too).


Customer Service Excellence

When choosing a company formation agent, customer service plays a huge part. From initial company registration to continue to remain compliant in all the years that follow, there are many minutiae details that business owners need to be aware of and remain abreast of – registering for VAT, filing a confirmation statement annually, paying out dividends, name just a few. 

For this reason, when selecting a company formation agent, choosing one that has an expert customer service team, fully qualified to not only file services on your behalf, but to advise you accordingly to help you to make the most informed business decisions is key.

Proof points such as our wide range of options to get in touch with our customer service team (email, telephone, live chat), our expedient response times, and stellar customer service reviews are just some of the reasons why 121 Company Formation is the leading agent of choice for thousands of small business owners.


Additional Services

As business owners are well aware, company formation is only the beginning! Beyond the initial company, registration comes all the other facets of running a company, and it is these that in large part determine the success of the company.

That is why 121 Company Formation is so proud to be entirely differentiated from all other company formation agents. 121 Company Formation offers a full one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs who are looking for that true corporate partner that is able to provide initial company formation services as well as the support and services that will continue to help their company grow.


Unlike other service providers, in addition to company formation and other administrative services such as the registered office service, annual confirmation statement filing, and business telephone answering services, 121 Company Formation offers a full range of accountancy services too! From VAT registration, filing all your company year-end accounts, to corporation taxes, and even optimizing your earnings with the right mix of salary and dividend payouts, our fully qualified, professional accountancy team offers the most comprehensive – and cost-effective –  range of services to support your company from its inception to its scaling and growth in the years to come. 


So, whether you’re looking to incorporate a company in the UK or for an expert agent and team that can work with you to continue to keep you legally compliant, easily, seamlessly, and cost-effectively, 121 Company Formation is your agent of choice!


About 121 Company Formation

121 Company Formation is one of the UK’s leading online company formation agents. We have helped over 50,000 entrepreneurs register a company in the UK. We offer the most comprehensive range of services including company formation packages that start at just £15.95, administrative, accounting, and bookkeeping services to support you and your business before, during, and after the incorporation process.

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